Sunday, February 12, 2006

While you were sleeping ...

While you were sleeping ........

While you were sleeping
I watched over you.
Protected you from the unseen!
I examined every calm quality of your slumber...

Your velvety hair which glistened
from the moons tranquil rays
as they cascaded through the fluttering window curtains.
The delicate contour which outlined your eyes.
The faintest crest of each wave your eyelashes presented.
The gentle twitch of your eyelids and
the slightest contraction of your warm blushed cheeks...

Your lips.
Ah, your lips...
Those of the daintiest reds tendered together by silent prayers.
Oh, how I wish to touch them
but I can't for fear of awakening you from this drowse...

And your chin with its soft and gentle curve.
So smooth as it drifts towards your neck
which is hugged by this comforter.
How I envy this blanket!

While you were sleeping
I watched over you.
I whispered ever so lightly as not to disturb you...
I sighed ever so faintly,
"I love you...", and you smiled...

While you were sleeping...

© suneel panchbhai, India
# 91 99484 62361 (hyd)
mujh ko pana hai to mujh main utar kar dekho
youn kinaron se samandar nahi dekha kartay


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