Friday, December 31, 2004


eye_changed_myself, originally uploaded by i_changed_myself.


Can't you see I'm screaming inside?
Can't you see I need you?
Help me throught this, help me out,
Make it all go away.
All the pain I'm feeling
All that's going through my head
Make it stop, make it end,
Please send it away.
I've been so unhappy for all these years
and now I can't hide it
Because of all these falling tears.
I've been trying so hard to push you away
But inside I'm screaming and pleading
Inside I'm crying "Don't Leave Me,
Please Stay!"
All my secrets locked up so tight
Only I know about all my fights
I fought for life, dignity, and pride
But it didn't really matter how hard I tried.
My loss of hope has brought me down
And now my pain pushes me around.
I feel it again, just like before
I feel it again, it's at my core.
The pain is fighting with the rest of me
It's fogging up who I want to be.
My happy person is now on the down fall
And the dark side of me is here, that's all.


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